Stan Dobson
I suppose teenage dreams of being in a rock band became somewhat closer to a reality when I called in at Geoff Chew’s house after I’d met him on our first day at Art College in September 1962. He was already established in ‘The Senators’, and when he performed ‘Apache’ on his Strat through a Vox AC30 amp, that was it!
Over the ensuing months I was busy in my parents’ attic, building a solid-body guitar from scratch.
remarkably it was a success (to start with).
The truss rod, however, wasn’t strong enough so, as time progressed, the strings grew further away from the neck, resulting in the need to use not just a capo to play the guitar, but a Black and Decker vice!
Fortunately, I came into some money and managed to buy a Burns Black Bison. Learning the instrument and practising alongside a couple of ex-school mates, Andrew Horton (on drums) and Clive Steele (on bass), proved fruitful,
and as 1963 progressed, our potential was boosted by the arrival of Pete Dickinson on lead guitar, Tony Idle (rhythm), and last but not least, Brian Bailey on vocals.
On 21st August we inaugurated ‘The Tarantulas’ and, come November, we were launched on an
unsuspecting public. In 1965 the band evolved into
‘Moldy Warp’.
wharfbeat002006.jpg wharfbeat002003.jpg
The birth of the Mouldy Worp. The merging of two local
bands, the Ladykillers and the Tarantulas. Sept 1965.
The Tarantulas June 1965 at Langbar.
The Moldy Warp about to holiday in France
Top row Left to right: Brian Bailey, Mick Larvin, George Spellar, Bottom row Left to right: Des O'Hara, Peter (Stan) Dobson and Geoff Chew
Stan of the Moldy Worp August 1966 The Cavendish Pavilion
Charcoal 1971 photoshoot.
Stan and Geoff at the Westbourne Otley 1992
Stan with the Moldy Worp Victoria Hall Keighley 1994
Up the dusty end of the bass