ellisons hogline with nelson fletcher
On stage at Earls Heaton Youth Club
L>R Andy Baldock, Allen Pyrah, Nelson Fletcher, Brian Ellison, Eric Robinson.
London - Trafalgar Square L>R Eric Robinson, Steve Isherwood, Allen Pyrah, Nelson Fletcher, Paul Wood, Brian Ellison. Allen S Pyrah
London - Piccadilly Circus L>R Lying down- Nelson Fletcher, Allen Pyrah, Steve Isherwood, Paul Wood, Brian Ellison, Eric Robinson.
Eric Robinson on stage at Earls Heaton Youth Club.
7 mins past 5 At the coast possible Morecambe
L>R Clockwise Steve Isherwood, Allen Pyrah, Eric Robinson, Nelson Fletcher, Brian Ellison, Andy Baldock, Paul Wood.
Inez & Charlie Foxx Tour- Skegness Festival (supplied by admirer).
L>R Allen Pyrah, Brian Duffissey.
Inez & Charlie Foxx Tour - Last Night of Tour
L>R Brian Duffissey, Neson Fletcher (half Nelson), Allen Pyrah, Inez Foxx Steve Isherwood, Terry Suffield (again half of).
 Inez & Charlie Foxx Tour - Last Night of Tour
L>R Brian Duffissey, Charlie Foxx, Allen Pyrah, Inez Foxx, Terry Suffield.
Ye Ye Club Rimini L>R Allen Pyrah, Brian Duffissey, Nelson Fletcher, Keith Barker.....
not visible, Terry Suffield, Steve Isherwood and John White.
Ye Ye Club - Rimini - Card.
The Hogline with Nelson Fletcher
Publicity shot on the Kirkstall Abbey Ruins whilst interviewed by Mark Knopfler for the Yorkshire Post, and final line up of Nelson Fletcher & The Hogline L>R Top Terry Suffield - trumpet, Allen Pyrah - guitar & vocals, Steve Isherwood - trumpet, Nelson Fletcher - vocals, John White - drums, Keith Barker - baritone sax, Brian Duffissy - bass & vocals.
Head Shots Clockwise from bottom (6 o’clock) Nelson Fletcher, Keith Barker, Brian Duffissey, Steve Isherwood, Terry Suffield, John White, Allen Pyrah.
2nd publicity shot on the Ruins of Kirkstall Abbey L>R Top Terry Suffield, Allen Pyrah, Steve Isherwood, Nelson Fletcher, Keith Barker, John White, Brian Duffissey.
1969 June 17th

The Hogline get around

Back home and stretching their legs after a successful tour of this country backing ace American Soul stars Charlie and Inez Foxx are Leeds group the Hogline. They are happy with their performances on the tour which has brought them much closer to London and already there are reports of a growing following for the group in the capital. Their stint with Charlie and Inez Foxx has also raised their sights. "They are marvelous - complete professionals" said drummer John Howarth White "aand they want us to tour with them again next year" Anxious
But the Hogline are anxious not to be put in a "backing group" bag. Said lead guitarist Allen Pyrah, "We are not going to jump at the chance of playing behind any old artist who arrives from America. There are a lot of fakes". Bass guitarist Brian Duffissey added "Being professional means a lot to us. Often people turn pro in this business because they don't want to work, let's be realistic" On tour it was the task of the Hogline's vocalist Nelson Fletcher, to warm up the crowds before Charlie and Inez Foxx came on stage. The group's diary also took in Radio One Club - and GJ David Symonds said later that it was the best Radio One Club he'd ever done. That's praise for Hogline. Things are happening for the group. Already EMI, Polydor and CBS are interested in them. London is interested, so look out Leeds, Hogline could be disappearing from the North for good.
Interview by Mark Knopfler Reporter with the Yorkshire Post, after the completion of the Inez & Charlie Foxx tour.
Nelson Fletcher Vocals Jamaica

Allen Pyrah Guitar and Vocals Australia

Brian Duffissey Bass and Vocals Menston
John H White (deceased) Drums and Percussion Harrogate

Keith Barker Baritone and Tenor Saxes Leeds

Terry Suffield Trumpet Castleford

Steve Isherwood Trumpet Leeds

The band worked out of Leeds through Zenith Agency and Management. The band were professional, working throughout Gt Britain and Europe with their own PA rig in a 12 seater mini bus.
In January 1969 whilst touring, they acted as a backing band for Billy Stewart of “Summertime” and “Sitting in the Park” fame. In May 1969 they were again touring the UK and Europe with Charlie and Inez Foxx whose hit’s included “Mockingbird” and “Tightrope”.
During the tours, appearances were made on Radio 1 Club in Birmingham, Radio 1 “Live” in Skegness, and a number of clubs in London, namely the Bag O’ Nails, Scotch of St James, La Valbonne, Pink Flamingo, to name but four of the London club scene.
They also met up with (Chester Burnett aka Howlin’ Wolf), and Blues Guitarist Freddy King. Whilst in Sunderland, Freddy King agreed to play guitar for Ray Davis of the Kinks who had decided to sing “The Israelites” by Desmond Dekker providing the Hogline joined in, it was one of those nights!
Most of the band members are still working although spread throughout the world.
wharfbeat031002.jpg wharfbeat031001.jpg
Just prior to Rimini on the 4th July we appeared at the Selby Festival with Jon Hiseman’s Colosseum and top of the bill Pink Floyd. Three weeks we were in Scotland, 3 nights at the Electric Gardens Glasgow followed by a night in Guroch, on the coast not far from Glasgow, where we stayed up all night and watch the moon landing (20th July 1969).
It saddens me to have to announce the passing of one of our valued members of The Hogline. Steve Isherwood, trumpet player who played along side fellow brass musicians, Terry Suffield, Brian Ellison, & Keith Barker, died on Sunday 1st September 2018. Steve was an extremely likeable person and also an awesome blues guitarist which he continued to do up until a few years ago. Brian Duffissey commented that He, Steve and late drummer John White were the tightest rhythm section ever. So RIP Steve, you will be missed, but never forgotten