sons of sin
Stuart Pickersgill on lead guitar and Brian Duffissey on bass.
Sons of Sin rehearsing in the back garden of the police houses on Weston Ridge Otley, this was the home of Stuart Pickersgill pictured sat down in the middle, Karen Pickersgill stood up far right, with brother Nigel next to her. Also pictured are Johnny Hardcastle stood up on the left and Brian Duffissey seated left.
Brian Duffissey.
Pool Village Hall with Sons of Sin, who were support band to the Moldy Warp. On drums Andrew Thornton, top of the picture is Brian Bailey (vocalist for the Moldy Warp), who stood in on vocals. The band was Brian Duffissey, Stuart Pickersgill, Brian Ellison, Allen Pyrah, Chris Smith and Tony Reidalsh.
Sons of Sin reunion, Chris Smith left, Johnny Hardcastle next to him, and Brian Ellison (ex Glitter Band)
Sons of Sin reunion, Brian Duffissey seated left, Andrew Thornton (drums) Pete Knights in the centre and Stu Pickersgill far right.
Left to right: Johnny Hardcastle, Brian Ellison, Margaret Ellison, Tony Reidalsh, Andy Thornton and Chris Smith.
Sons of Sin at Otley Modern School Xmas dance 1965 Steve Wilkinson vocals, Johnny Hardcastle guitar, Andy Thornton drums and Tony Reidalsh (Raddish) bass
1st.gig PHGS 45Club,

2nd.gig Otley Rugby Club. We had only half an hours material so we repeated the 1st.set in the 2nd.
I was saddened to hear Brian had passed away in February this year. Another character of our musical heritage gone but not forgotten. Brian made a huge impact in the Wharfedale music scene and beyond especially when he joined The Liberty Takers which morphed into Ellinsons Hogline a few months later. He went on to further success with Root & Jennie Jackson and The G Band. I last saw Brian in 1969 and although trying on several occasions, never managed to meet up with him. Now sadly that won’t happen, still I have many fond memories of him from that time back in the 60’s. One humorous time was when we had just set off to a booking and we decided to have a quick stop for a snack. Brian took the orders and went off to the shop, came back with the goodies and we were on our way again. The snacks were handed out but Paul our bass player hadn't received his order of ‘anything will do’, he got a tin of cat food. That was Brian! He will be missed but remembered always.

Allen Pyrah
Brian Ellison