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barry corbett and the mustangs
A young Barry Corbett with first guitar
The first of many Mustang line-ups Left to right:
Barry Corbett, Mike Patterson, John (Billy) Bolton, John Whitley and Ken Webb
Barry Corbett, Johnny Lockhead, and Brian Dunn
Left to right: Barry Corbett, Johnny Lockhead, Brian Dunn and John (Billy) Bolton (on 6 string Fender bass).
Barry Corbett, Johnny Lockhead, John (Billy) Bolton and John Whitley
Barry Corbett with his wife Eileen in 1975
This record was a No. 1 hit in Bennelux and was followed by 4 more top 10 hits and 2 top 20 albums.
Barry went on to write all the songs for the Smurfs from 1981 until today. Press the picture to listen to the record.